The Cover Description

Type 1 Diabetes is a monster.
By such monsters, faith is tested.
But God is there. He is listening. He is acting.

He can be trusted.

At its core, Type One Confessional explores in narrative form the struggle to reconcile God’s love in times of crisis. In particular, Reverend Thoma speaks directly to the unexpected and life-altering calamity of his seven-year-old daughter’s diagnosis with what is often an overwhelming disease—one that is both difficult to manage, and if left untreated, is more than deadly. Thoma does this in a semi-fictional way—that is, each of the events included in the volume is true, and yet, even though the back-and-forth engagements between the Creator and one of His pastors are fictionalized, the content within arises from the Word of God—the place where God’s voice is heard clearly and where He meets each human being with the promise of His love in the midst of the darkness of uncertainty.